The Big Picture- Overview

I've applied known scientific and physiological information to the process of how we perceive and express the world around us.  I decided to explore the evolution of different visual and cultural ideas through a kind of scientific process.  Borrowing theories and maxims from anthropology, psychology, mathematics, biology, and physics,  I've taken an in depth look at the progression of the theatrical ritual, how we actually see the world around us, and several other visual and social evolutions.  The following overview is a little dry, but explains some of the guides.

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Below is a link to a Prezi presentation in an alternate book style.





Adventure 1


The evolution of the theatrical ritual




Adventure 2

Why we feel what we see

I've taken the visual process from the moment the photon meets the eye, through how we prioritize complex symbols using Shakespeare and Stormtroopers from Star Wars as a guide. 

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The Prezi AltBook


In iBook format (feel free to download)



Adventure 3

Visual arts and ritual movement as a precursor to written language.



Adventure 4